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Use insulation pins

Update: 2011-4-3
Wall insulation building anchor bolt: This product is made of high strength nylon and plastic. Durability and good aging resistance, can be in the -40 C to +70 degrees Celsius in the environment to adhere to long-term stability. The rear end of the anchor bolt is provided with a contraction structure, and can be implanted into the wall through a hammer hammer blunt type zinc plated screw, and the main part is used for fixing the insulation board in the external wall external thermal insulation system. The product can make the load of wall external insulation system is not easy to deform, increase the bearing capacity, to deal with the problem of insulation board bonding is not strong and easy off. In this way, the data can be better fixed on the wall, and the construction is convenient and fast, especially suitable for reinforced concrete wall and solid wall. According to the insulation effect and the thickness of the plate, the product is divided into a variety of specifications, the user can be used as appropriate. There are five main reasons for the loosening of the screw thread connection: thread tolerance, surface brightness, electroplating accumulation, thread profile geometry / mismatch profile angle, pitch error accumulation. In the norms of internal and external screw thread, the external thread of the tooth crown and the root of the internal screw between the horizontal gap, in the transverse vibration or lateral force to a certain level, the internal and external thread will produce relative lateral movement. The experiment shows that this move, tiny move, it is easy to store the deformation of the fastening system can be released, that is, the elastic deformation of the bolt or tension lost, resulting in loose. This conclusion also proves that the pin for a number of American research institutions. The reason for the easy loosening of the screw thread fastener under the condition of transverse vibration. Austenitic stainless steel and ferritic stainless steel have different data properties, with different application areas, who can not replace who. Jinchuan thought, publicize and exaggerated the substitution effect of ferritic stainless steel on austenitic stainless steel, is to mislead consumers, it will mislead the sustained and healthy development of the stainless steel market have a bad effect, makes the stainless steel market more disorder disorder, help to set up all kinds of stainless steel products is the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, quality data. ,
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