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Bearing capacity of high strength fasteners

Update: 2011-3-29
High strength bolts through great pretension bolt tightening the connection plate clamp, to generate great friction, thereby improving the overall connectivity and stiffness when subjected to shear stress and, in accordance with the design requirements are different, can be divided into friction type high strength bolt and bearing type high strength bolt connecting the two, the essential difference between the two is the limit state is different, although it is a bolt, but the calculation methods, requirements and application scope are very different. In shear design, friction type high strength bolt is connected to the plate outside the shear friction as possible maximum limit state provided by bolt tightening force between the contact surfaces, which is to ensure connectivity throughout the use and do not exceed the maximum shear force. The relative slip deformation (between the screw and the hole wall is always maintained between the screw and the hole wall), which is connected with the elastic force of the plate. In shear design, high strength bolt connection allows external shear to exceed the maximum friction, then by connecting plate between the relative slip deformation, until the bolt and the hole wall contact, then connected by bolt shear and hole wall pressure and plate contact surface between the friction force, and finally to the shaft or hole wall shear bearing failure by shear connection as the limit state. In recent years, the development of the national economy China maintained a growth rate of 8%, to the development of fastener industry opportunities, the recovery of the world economy, the average growth rate of 4%, which also bring business opportunities to the development of fastener industry, China fastener industry development in the market competition, development potential should not be underestimated. The manufacturing level of Chinese fasteners of the company, cannot do without fasteners materials increased, the development of new materials also cannot do without the cold heading fasteners enterprises, the development of fastener industry to support more cannot do without the iron and steel industry. As long as the two to establish good cooperation, the fastener industry and the steel industry will get a better development. The operation of a valve, hydraulic cylinder piston can move, single or group of this pin in seconds from the screw extruder is pulled out or inserted into these pins. As a series of the material mixer, re distribution, extrusion screw machine interrupt causes the material to have a return, so that the material subjected to continuous process shear, orientation, cutting, folding and stretching. A part of the melt to recombine, part of the melt further segmentation in the groove of each L / D, to melt after four times of segmentation, therefore, why can the effective mixing of very short slenderness ratio and achieve the reciprocating melt extruder. And the inner surface of the machine barrel is swept through the thread, there is no dead end of the logistics, has a good self cleaning capacity, high transmission efficiency and stable and uniform material retention time and so on.
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