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High strength fasteners rely on iron and steel industry

Update: 2011-3-15
Fastener is a large wide range of the most common common base, at all levels have close contact with the steel industry, producing high strength fasteners can be steel, nonferrous metal, stainless steel, titanium alloy or other engineering materials, processing methods can be hot processing, machining, but more than 90% of the cold refrigerant pressure processing, the manufacturing process of the products of high precision, good quality and high production efficiency, the fastener industry Chinese maintained for five consecutive years to maintain two digit steady growth. In recent years, the development of the national economy China maintained a growth rate of 8%, to the development of fastener industry opportunities, the recovery of the world economy, the average growth rate of 4%, which also bring business opportunities to the development of fastener industry, China fastener industry development in the market competition, development potential should not be underestimated. The manufacturing level of Chinese fasteners of the company, cannot do without fasteners materials increased, the development of new materials also cannot do without the cold heading fasteners enterprises, the development of fastener industry to support more cannot do without the iron and steel industry. Fasteners in the heating process, the poor quality of decarburization, bumps, uneven heating phenomenon. The detection of high strength fasteners after heat treatment, the main test hardness and tensile strength and microstructure (qualitative detection), Rx gas analysis, 12.9 of the 100% magnetic particle fluorescence nondestructive examination of crack. High strength fasteners and quenching medium cooling performance measurement, the quantitative analysis of the metallographic structure, internal defects and hardness of the parts of the detection method is not detected. Spheroidizing annealing in the reform of materials, material annealing by induction heating, and then enter the protection of spheroidizing annealing atmosphere in furnace insulation, advanced technology, the problem can be solved very well decarburization. High strength fasteners are widely used in net belt or cast chain heat treatment quenching and tempering line.
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